Can composite windows and doors keep your house cooler?

With the British summer on the way (in theory), it might be a good time to start thinking about how you are going to keep your house at a comfortable temperature once the sun starts shining through the windows.

We Brits have a tendency to complain a little too much once the weather warms up, and sales of electrical items like electric fans and air conditioning units go through the roof on the first warm day of the year.

The problem is that air conditioning units can be very expensive, and when it comes to electric desk fans you really get what you pay for. Buy one for a couple of pounds and you will almost certainly be treated to an extremely annoying whirring sound throughout the day. If you get hot in bed, it might cool you down but it is certainly not going to help you get to sleep at all.

Does it make sense?

double glazed windowsIt might seem counterproductive to get a thicker door and thicker windows when you know that summer is coming. However, a UPVC composite replacement could actually be a very sound long term investment that can keep your home cool in the (hopefully) long summer months, and warm in the (likely much longer) British winter.

A lot has been said about the increase in insulation that is afforded by UPVC composite doors and window frames, along with double or triple glazed windows. Counterintuitvely, these thicker constructions actually help to reflect heat from outside.

a-rated-windowsThereby keeping your house cool while you are out in the day time and everything is locked up, so you can be treated to a comfortable temperature on your return.

The slick composite can reflect sunlight with relative ease, keeping the heat outside your house in summer, and inside in winter.

The same is true for double and triple glazed windows, which are much more secure than thinner glass, and help to prevent heat radiating inside, raising the room temperature (see more here:

There are a variety of UPVC composite door styles available too, so depending on what you want to get out of the sunshine, there is sure to be a design to suit you.

Bi folding doors are similar to French doors, though they take up less wall space when open. This means you can get more of a breeze inside, and get greater access to your garden. Whereas fire doors are thicker than normal composites, and are sure to keep the heat just where you want it if you choose to keep them closed.

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