Money Saving Tips for New Homeowners

As a new homeowner, chances are you will have just bought the most expensive thing you have even owned or will ever own. Buying a home is a scary and exciting process that can take months or even years.

Quick Saving TipsYour new home is the start of a new life. Perhaps it brings the feeling of family you have been missing or is something big enough to offer all your children their own room at last.

Whatever your reason for moving house, money would have been a massive part of the whole moving experience. How much deposit did you need to put down? Can you afford the mortgage repayments? All these questions often add up to one simple fact: that after you’ve bought your house, you are seriously low on money for a long time afterwards.

In light of this, here is some simple money saving tips for every new homeowner:

Second Hand Furniture

Instead of forking out extra money for a brand new sofa, get down to your local second hand furniture shop and buy something cheap. Unless you plan to rent out your house or live in a show home, there really is very little point in spending thousands of pounds on new furniture. In the right shops you can often find second hand furniture that has never been used.

Any furniture that has been a shop display model will often be passed on to places like TJ Maxx that specialise in designer and other shop items that are not in fashion or have minor defects.

Maybe you can even find ex-display replacement doors if you bought a “fixer-upper” see here: uPVC Patio Doors | Sliding Patio Doors  


To save yourself a lot of money spent on the weekly shop, why not start growing food in your garden. There is far too much waste of unused fruit and vegetables that are sold in a giant bag and get wasted when they are forgotten in the back of a cupboard.

If you have your own garden, you can grow what you want, only pick or unearth what you need when you need it and you can even sell any excess you might have to your neighbours to make some extra cash.

New Homeowner Guide for Quick Saving Tips