Choosing the best type of window frame for your property

The time has come when your old windows can’t do the job anymore and now need to be replaced. But which type of window frame are you going to replace them with?

There is so much choice now, it’s quite easy to not quite know where to start looking. So here is a quick guide for you.

Modern window frames

What is the Best Type of Window FrameThe 1st thing to consider is your budget, as that can rule out some candidates straight away. If cheap double glazing is what you are after, then you can forget about hardwood or Aluminium,

  • The cheapest frames are made form softwood. Softwood is a high maintenance material requiring constant attention to maximise its’ life span.
  • Next cheapest will be UPVC. Very hard wearing, energy efficient and long lasting. However, poor quality UPVC can discolour quite quickly. Some recycled UPVC products can be yellowish to begin, so choose your supplier with care.
  • Aluminum frames come in  the higher cost bracket. Highly engineered, very strong & light. These windows can use thinner frames than other materials purely because of the structural strength of the aluminium.
  • Engineered timber. A wood purpose built from strands, particles, fibres, or off-cuts of wood bonded together using adhesives to form a solid block of wood. Not as expensive as hardwood with a very decent lifespan. Greatly reduced expansion & contraction, perfect for those who want wooden windows.
  • Hardwood: these frames can be expensive. Mahogany, Teak, Oak etc all come at premium prices.

To be fair, each material has its own pluses or minuses, but for a value for money solution, we suggest you take a look at UPVC window frames first. We think you maybe surprised at how good they look and how well priced they are.

You may find this article has more detail: What is the difference between Aluminium, Timber & UPVC windows? 

What is the Best Type of Window Frame?