Cheapest Double Glazing – Tips to get the best upvc windows prices

When you are looking for new double glazed windows, it’s a certainty that you are going to be looking for best upvc windows prices that you can find in the market.

But with such a wide choice, where do you start looking, and just as important, do you know what type of windows you are looking for? Here are some tips to help you get started.

Cheapest Double GlazingDouble glazing price guide

  1. what type of material to use? softwood is cheap, but needs a lot of looking after. Aluminium is very fashionable & trendy, but relatively expensive, as is hardwood. UPVC is a good middle ground.
  2. What type of windows do you want? Sliding sash windows can be seen in a lot of period or pre-war homes. However, they are one of the most expensive designs. You could look at “faux sash windows”. They look like sashes, but are actually casement windows. Casement windows are probably the lest expensive designs.
  3. Having coloured UPVC or aluminium windows will push the cost u by as much as 20%. If you don’t need colored windows, stick with white.
  4. Wood-grain finishes add around 10% to the cost.
  5. UPVC & aluminium window frames have chambers to aid energy deficiency & strength. You can get 3, 5 or 7 chambered frames. 3 is cheaper, but 5 chambers are recommended.
  6. Energy efficiency rating: windows can get up to A++ ratings, but the high rating comes at a premium. B-rated windows are perfectly adequate – and cheaper.
  7. Gas filled double glazing is more effective than standard air filled units, but can be prone to leak over time and so you will have wasted your money. Better to get Low- e glass as it is permanent.
  8. Don’t take the first offer on the table. Shop around from at least 5 or 6 different suppliers for quotes before deciding.

We hope you found these tips useful – good luck.

What is the Cheapest Double Glazing?